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  • Advanced industrial automation
  • Component handling systems
  • Epoxy flip chip die bonder 
  • Automatic dispensing
  • Globtop

El amor en los tiempos del cólera...*

Our primary goal is and has always been to provide our customers with the best service possible. Usually we do not let adverse conditions stop us from doing so. But never before in the 20 years of AMADYNE's history, times have been as interesting as today. We have no say in what will be the next restrictions imposed on us, but we are quite confident to be prepared well enough to even keep up our support in cases of nation wide curfew.

Furthermore, we will not spam you with less or even less helpful e-mail messages about our ever so excellent way of handling this situation, but confine ourselves to updating this small message for you. As of now, we are still up and running on site with full staff, but this could of course change any time now.

While, depending on the circumstances, we can not guarantee to be reachable by our regular telephone lines, in the future, you will always be provided with the necessary support via one of these channels:

  • The Chat system on the machines or
  • An Email to or even
  • by phone via help desk number +49 7223 407 989 9
In any case we will get back to you instantly.

*...See also

Until end of March: please enjoy this year's traditional video!

New phone numbers

Starting May 2018, AMADYNE can be reached through these new phone numbers:
Main: +49 7223 407 989 0
Helpdesk: +49 7223 407 989 9
Fax: +49 7223 407 989 8
All our previous numbers should remain active.

Privacy policy

Although these smouldering ruin of our former web site does not set cookies, does not do any tracking, does not provide any social media integration, has no contact form, no newsletter function, no useful function whatsoever, still we do have an updated privacy policy in place. For legal reasons, obviously.

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